Saturday, November 20, 2010

Smallville - Abandon - Season 10 - Episode 8 - CW

This episode focus' on two of Clark's supporting characters . . Lois . . and Tess. Lois, while moving in with Clark . . kind of reluctantly, kind of overtly . . comes across a box of her mother's things that she had forgotten about. When her mother died of cancer, she left some things for Lois in a box that ended up in the back of her closet for all these years. What she learns through this experience, and the video tapes that her mom leaves her, is that the guilt and confusion that a child feels as they're growing up . . especially when they have to deal with situations, such as losing a parent . . most of the time, those feelings are magnified by the child's lack of knowledge or insight into what's really going on. When parents don't sit down to thoroughly explain things to their children . . they formulate answers with the limited knowledge that they have. And whether they're right or wrong . . those answers become their beliefs. Anyways . . Lois is feeling the guilt over not having visited her mom during the final weeks when she was in the hospital. But as she soon learns from the tapes . . that was her mom's choice. This leads her to the revelation that before she can move on with her life . . and her life with Clark, she first had to resolve the issues she had over her mother's lose. From there . . she deduces that in order for Clark to move on he's also going to have to heal this rift between he and his father, Jor-El. So . . she heads down to the fortress. When Clark realizes what she's done, and comes to get her, he views a recording of his parents saying goodbye to him, shortly before he left Krypton. It was an image, and side of his parents that he hadn't seen before. The long and short of it is . . Lois and Clark are moving on with their relationship, and . . there may be a wedding in the near future. Also, during all of this, Tess comes across a few revelations of her own. She discovers that she'd grown up in an orphanage . . which she had completely forgot about. And she found a new menace for Clark in the visage of Granny Goodness. Along with Desaad and Gottfried, they plan on becoming Darkseid's new trinity. She also discovers that she was actually the daughter of Lionel Luthor. I'm not sure what those revelations will mean for her future, but . . I don't think she's revealed them all to Clark yet. Anyways . . I thought it was a great episode. Considering that it's the final season, it seems like a lot of new plot-threads are being introduced. I can't help but think about what that means for the future. On a side note . . I think the new season of the Human Target is a definite improvement over last years. I didn't think last year's was terrible. But . . this season seems a lot more exciting. They've introduced a couple of new female characters. And Baptiste has recently come back. Anyways, this series shows a lot of promise. If you're a follower of Smallville, you'll definitely like the Human Target. Give it a shot. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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