Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Smallville - Harvest - Season 10 - Episode 6 - CW

This episode is basically done in two parts. Lois and Clark are on a trip in the county . . covering the Cherry Festival, because Clark wants to keep Lois away from Cat's anti-hero demonstration. But instead he ends up landing her in the middle of a 'Children of the Corn' scenario. As they're driving down the road their tires get flattened. Clark fixes one, but has to rush off to the nearest filling station to fix the other. While he's gone, an unassuming little country girl takes Lois in her horse and buggy, promising to take her to the train station. However, she soon finds herself captive in this little community. It appears that some 20 years ago, the meteors rained down on this town, and killed the town leader's daughter. However, because their water has been infused with blue meteor rock, their crops have been plentiful, and no one gets sick. So naturally they assume that it was because of their daughter's sacrifice. So, they've been sacrificing someone every year, at their 'Harvest Festival', to appease the gods. This year . . it's Lois' turn. Clark eventually finds her, but the problem he's having is that . . since the townsfolk have been consuming this blue meteor water for so many years, it's abundant in their system. And anytime a few of them get near Clark . . he loses his powers. But they make the mistake of burying him outside of town, while they all head back for the sacrifice. This gives Clark enough power to get out of the predicament, and go back and save Lois. The other part of the story is about Tess and Lex. Lex has aged some more and is now a teenager. He's also starting to show more signs that he's becoming more and more like the real Lex. He becomes obsessed with Clark, and the 'S' emblem, because he's convinced that he's trying to kill him. He even escapes from the castle and goes to Clark's barn because he has memories of him and Clark there. Then, once he gets back home, he shaves his head so he even starts to look like Lex. I have a feeling that Tess is going to be putting this kid in lock-down real soon. To me though, the best part of the story is all the questions that Lois is asking Clark. It's not like reporter questions. It's more like questions anyone would ask their spouse if they had just found out that they're from another planet. Lois is hilarious. Eventually Clark gives her his journal from the barn so that she can get caught up on everything. I thought it was an ok episode. I didn't really buy the whole 'Stepford Wives' thing, but . . it was interesting. And I'm intrigued about what's going to happen with Lex. We're almost half way through the final season, so . . we don't have much to go. I have to enjoy them while I can.

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