Monday, November 22, 2010

Smallville - Patriot - Season 10 - Episode 9 - CW

This episode introduces us to one of my favorite characters from Battlestar Galactica . . Colonel Ty. However, on this show, he's General Slade Wilson. Yes . . the same Slade Wilson that becomes Deathstroke. But we don't get a hint of that until the final scene of the show. Anyways, General Wilson is in charge of enforcing the Vigilante Registration Act, VRA, now that it's been passed. And he's willing to do so passionately. AC, Aquaman, also shows up this episode with his new wife . . Mera. The General uses AC's acts as a soapbox for the VRA. But what Clark later finds out is that the 'oil rigs' that AC and Mera have been destroying around the globe, are actually covers for the deep-sea prisons that the General is building to hold the opponents of the VRA. Which coincidentally look surprisingly similar to the various facilities that Lex had built when he was trying to capture and study the meteor freaks. Anyways, Ollie decides to be the first person to sign up. Clark actually wants to do it, but Ollie tells him that he's to important to the cause. He agrees to do it, and if anything goes wrong . . which you just know it does, Clark and AC will have to come to his rescue. As it turns out . . this is exactly what the General is counting on. While he's got Ollie sequestered, he easily captures AC when he shows up to his rescue. Then, with Lois' help, Clark finds out that the only platform that's actually operational is in Alaska. When Clark shows up, the General captures him with Kryptonite bars, and then activates the auto-destruct sequence. 'I'd rather die taking you down than to let you continue to fighting against the freedoms of the American people.' Well . . that might not be exactly what he said, but . . you get the idea. Anyways, during the course of this, Clark looks at Slade with his X-ray vision and finds the Omega symbol branded on his skull. He thinks that's the mark of the beast that he let through the opening when he sent the Kandorians off . . the 'Darkness' that he's been worried about. He's already seen it in Granny Goodness and Gottfried. So he knows it's still out there. So . . the facility is destroyed. Of course Clark survives. And on the final scene of the show we see Slade coming out of an operation with a metal plate over his left eye. Anyways, while that was the main action . . the back story is Lois' induction into Clark and Ollie's club. She actually does quite a bit to help them this episode, and . . Clark realizes that he's a better person because of her. Their strength comes in their unity, cooperation and trust. They can accomplish much more together, and as part of 'the team', than either of them can if they tried to attack the problems solo. There's also a nice little moment in there between Lois and Mera. I thought it was a nice episode, and it really moved the story-lines along. Not only the one about the VRA and Clark and Ollie's team, but . . Lois and Clark's as well. We're only about half way through the season, so . . there's still plenty of time for just about anything to happen.

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