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X-Men Forever 2 #5, #6, #7, #8, #9 and #10 - Marvel

I know this is taking on a lot, but . . since I'm behind, I decided to go ahead and do all of these issues. We'll see how it goes. In issue #5, the X-Men have gone into the Morlock tunnels in search of Sabretooth and Moira. We ended the last issue with Masque deforming the faces of Remy and Scott. And of course there's a struggle between the X-Men and the Morlocks. But eventually calmer heads prevail. However, shortly after that happens, and Masque fixes his tampering . . a squad a SHIELD agents shows up. So now everybody has to clear out. The SHIELD agent's comms aren't working down here, but they all know as soon as the do Ziggy Trask will have a squad of neo-Sentinels down here. The X-Men head back to the mansion, but the Morlocks allow themselves to be captured . . knowing that their other members will ambush this little party long before they leave the tunnels. However, they find Calisto has some Morlocks of their own waiting for them. And she seems to be working for the Ghost Panther, back in Genosha. Anyways, we also saw last issue the Mystique has asked the X-Men for asylum. She claims that she's tired of seeing loved ones dying. And since Kurt and Rogue are all that she has left . . she apparently wants to spend some time with them . . or protect them. You know she's up to something else, but . . we don't know what yet. But while she's there, Moira wants to examine Mystique's and Rogue's blood to find out what makes them immune to Burnout. And since Kurt's immunity transferred to Rogue when they switched powers . . she also has a base reading to work off of. And in Alaska . . Dr Hanover is worming her way into the Summers family . . and closer to Scott's son. But . . who exactly is Robyn Hanover? I think she's . . Mr Sinister. Obviously Chris Claremont is writing all these stories. But issue #5's art is brought to us by Rodney Buchemi. In issue #6, Chris touches on several different storylines, but most of the book is about Robyn's attempt to abscond with Nathan. Corsair tries to protect him, but the Marauders are there also. Even as tough as the Starjammers are . . the Marauders are a hard nut to crack. Anyways, Moira has been able to use what she's found in Mystique's blood to help boost up Creed's healing factor. It's not strong enough to regenerate his hand or eyes, but . . she's working on it. And in the meantime Kitty has fashioned a cybernetic hand for him. Calisto has taken the Morlocks to Genosha, and the Ghost Panther. He claims that the island is on the brink of war, and that the Morlocks can help him stop it. And Scott who sensed something was wrong in Alaska, when Corsair's communications broke up . . is trying to get either the X-Men or SHIELD on alert to help him . . if need be. Obviously it needs be because the Starjammers, as well as Alex and Lorna, are fighting the Marauders, but they're not making much headway. The issue ends with Corsair teleporting to the school to warn Scott. However when he gets there he mistakes Creed for the Sabretooth that's attacking him in Alaska. He's ready to blow his head off. The art in this one is by Tom Grummett. Issues #7 & #8 wrap up this Mr Sinister storyline. And as with the first 30+ issues of this series, Chris has it loaded up with twists and turns. First of all . . Mr Sinister, is actually a 10 year old boy. Yes he's immortal and has lived forever, but . . somehow he got stuck at this age. The 'Sinisters' that end up out in the real world are simply his constructs. Plus he's found that the Marauders, and anyone else really, takes him more serious if appears as a full-grown adult. So even though Scott thought he killed him . . obviously he didn't. Also the X-Men have finally gleaned that these Marauders are simply more constructs, clones, of Mr Sinister's. But that's ok for Sabretooth. When he gets to Alaska he takes on the Clone of himself. And after he takes him down . . he takes his hand and eye for himself. He wants to see if Moira can use them to fix him. For a little while Malice takes over Hepzibah, but Lockheed is the one that finally ferrets her out. However, when Alex cuts off the broach around her neck, he leaves it laying on the ground. A little while later Mystique picks it up. But I don't know why. Sinister also throws a little psychological attack at the X-Men when he attacks them with a clone of Logan. Remy ends up taking him down, by blowing his head off, but we all know he's not that easy to kill. And before he does so, Logan has a little fight with Kitty. She's got the Adamantium claw on her right hand, but it appears that she's got some bone talons that are popping out of her fingers on her left hand. Nobody knew about those. And in the end, after the Marauders are beat, her and Remy decide to stay behind. They say to help watch over the Summers family. But Kitty is staying behind because of her injuries . . and also, I think, because she knows that the Logan clone might not really be dead. And Remy is staying behind to keep an eye on Kitty. Which is probably a good thing because Dr Hanover has come out of this whole thing without revealing that she's actually an agent of Sinister's. So who knows what she might stir up. And we see that Sinister has decided to stay hidden for now . . to continue his games. We also get a couple hints at some other story-lines. In Japan, Mariko is upset because she wants some kind of vengeance on Logan. But now that he's gone, she feels that she's been cheated of her revenge. It appears to have something to do with Jean because she vows to make her suffer. And in Wakanda, Ororo has made the first strides in what will probably be the war that the Ghost Panther warned Calisto about. She wants Wakanda to annex the island of Genosha. The art in issues #7 and #8 is brought to us by Ron Lim. In issues #9 and #10 we're dealing with the aftermath of the Marauder's attack in Alaska. I'm thinking of them as one story because this is the beginning of a new story-arc. Or, because it's Chris writing this . . and his story-arc's never really end, it's probably more like an extension of the previous one. Anyways, Kitty has stayed behind to rest while her wounds heal. But I think there's 2 things going on. First I think she was pretty freaked by seeing Logan again. Even if it was just a clone. And I don't think she's even told Jean what happened, yet. Secondly, Kitty is having nightmares about this encounter . . and the possible repercussions. But mostly, I think, she's worried about the noticeable changes that have been happening to her lately. She thought that she just have Logan's claw, but . . she's starting to think that she may have absorbed a portion of his psyche . . and it seems to be exerting more and more control. Anyways, Sinister seems to be out of the picture right now. But, Dr Hanover has stayed behind. And since she seems to be the kind of professional that the X-Men need right now . . she's kind of entrenched herself within their ranks. She's also gotten very close to Nathan. We do see a passing thought with Scott, though. He remembers someone vaguely like Robyn, back when he was in the orphanage. She was also a psychiatrist. And he seems to remember that they kind of resemble each other. Sooner or later he'll put those pieces together. Also, we see that Sinister is still interested in Nathan as he's convinced that he is the key to Burnout. Anyways, Kitty knows that it's not that easy to put Logan down . . even if he is a clone. So she goes back out in search of the body. It's gone. But she uses some Shi'ar technology to track his mutant signature, and she finds that he's gone back to Japan. Which is also connected to her, as she's been dreaming in Japanese lately. She heads off to Japan, not only to find Logan but also to warn Mariko. But she finds that things are a lot worse than she had anticipated. Even without Logan involved . . Clan Yashida has made a pact with the Hand and are now working in concert with them. And Mariko has exerted her power and influence to become the head of the Consortium. All of this is being done because of the anger and betrayal that she feels over the X-Men. But when Kitty steals one of the Starjammer's skimmers to head to Japan, unbeknownst to her 'Lil 'Ro and Lockheed were on board. So now not only does she have to find Logan . . while dealing with all these revelations about someone who used to be one of the X-Men's allies, but she also has to try to keep these 2 safe. But that's going to be easier said than done, because . . now that Mariko is the head of the Consortium, she also has control over SHIELD. And since Ziggy Trask also hates the X-Men, it's not to hard for Mariko to get SHIELD to do her bidding. So while Kitty is fighting Logan, and trying to escape from his murderous impulses . . she then comes face to face with Mariko . . and her new-found SHIELD friends. But it's not long before Remy and Jean show up in search of their friends. But in the confusion, Mariko makes off with 'Lil 'Ro. We'd gotten a glimpse of how Wakanda's annexation of Genosha is starting to progress . . with Orora and the Ghost Panther being the leader of the respective sides of that impending war. But what I didn't expect was at the end when Mariko offers 'Lil 'Ro up to Orora for trade in trying to acquire Wakanda as an allie. And the only witness to this little transaction is Lockheed. As expected, Chris is the driving force behind this series. With Tom Grummett being his accomplice. He seems to be Chris' go-to guy for the art on this series. Because even when he doesn't do the interiors, he still does all the covers. But the interiors on these 2 issues are done by Mike Grell. Which was a pleasant surprise, for me. I really like this series. I know it falls outside of the accepted continuity of the current X-Men story-lines, but . . I like that we're getting familiar story-lines and characters, but with a little bit of a twist by Chris. It's not the Ultimate Universe, but rather another way the X-Men could've gone had Chris not taken his sabbatical from the series. I like it's because it's a bit nostalgic, and fresh . . all at the same time. Plus these twists that Chris throws in here keep surprising me. He's a fantastic writer, and was born to write this series.

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