Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chuck vs the Fear of Death - Season 4 - Episode 8 - NBC

At the end of the last episode Chuck's mom used something to suppress the Intersect in Chuck's head. This episode, Chuck, with some help from the CIA, try everything they can think of to get it back up and running again. After several failures, they determine that the only way to get it operational is to put Chuck in a situation where he fears his own death. The problem is . . anytime Chuck gets in trouble, if he can't handle it himself . . Sarah usually pulls him out of it. As long as he feels he's got that safety net, he's never going to break the psychological rock that's been placed in his mind. However, by the end of the episode Chuck is in exactly that position as he's been captured by the Belgian. This is a guy who's selling fake diamonds that are actually a cover for micro-chips that are loaded with CIA, and US Government information. However, when he finds out that Chuck is trying to steal the diamonds, he somehow learns that Chuck is actually the intersect. So by the end of the episode he captures Chuck and decides that he's going to use the information in Chuck's head to make his money. Since they have no idea where they're at, or what the Belgian is doing to Chuck . . Sarah, Casey and Morgan decide to go after him. Sarah, especially, is feeling guilty because she feels that Chuck has done all of this to prove to her that he's a spy. Anyways, in a side story . . Jeff and Lester are getting suspicious of all the hot girls that have come to work at the Buy More lately. 'And why are they all named Greta?' This episode the new girl is actually Summer Glau . . you know, from the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. It's a hilarious side story which Casey and Morgan end up having to diffuse. Now I have to go watch the next episode to see how they're going to find and save Chuck. This is a great show.

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