Monday, October 25, 2010

Smallville - Isis - Season 10 - Episode 5 - CW

In this episode Lois is put at risk because . . when she was in Africa, and was looking through the stuff at Carter's dig, she somehow ended up with the Amulet of Isis in her purse. Now the rest of that expedition has been brought to Metropolis because Ollie is throwing a big gala at the museum. Anyways, one things leads to another and . . a beam of sunlight flows through the gem in the amulet and . . ta-da . . Lois is inhabited by the spirit of Isis. From there it's a bit predictable. Clark and Ollie have to save her. But in the process Clark realizes how much he loves her. Obviously they pull it off, and Lois is returned to Clark's loving arms. But there were lots of other little tidbits that served to move the other various story-threads along. First . . Cat Grant is back. And she's still on the hero-bashing crusade. In fact when she sees Lois/Isis perform some superhuman feats . . she's convinced that Lois is the Blur. During all of this, Clark and Ollie end up soliciting Tess' help in figuring out how to beat the amulet. Because of that, they end up asking her to join their team and take Chloe's place at the helm of the Watchtower. I'm not sure how that's going to work out though, because . . she's still keeping a secret from them. They don't know that she's in possession of Alexander . . Lex's 6 year old clone. We also find out that Alexander's IQ has increased dramatically. And . . he's growing at an accelerated rate. He's grow about 4 inches in as many weeks. But, because of the recent events, Tess has decided to take a more nurturing, and loving role with Alexander. Although I'm sure it's . . too little, too late. Also Ollie is changed by these events, and the support from Clark and Tess. He's gone public now with his identity, but . . he's still trying to sort out how to balance it all. He was starting to head off into the 'glam and showbiz' aspect of it all, but . . these recent events have convinced him to get back to basics . . being the 'hero' that he wants to be for the city and it's people. And finally . . with much hesitation, Clark confides his secret to Lois. Her response? 'What took you so long?' I thought it was a great ending. This season definitely seems more upbeat than the last. Like I've said before, that whole Zod thing was really a downer. I know it was a necessary storyline for these characters to go through. But personally, I thought it played out way to long. Anyways, I haven't heard any news as to a new series after the completion of this one, but . . there's just so many different ways they could go. I hope they have something in the works.

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