Monday, October 25, 2010

Chuck vs the Couch Lock - Season 4 - Episode 5 - NBC

This episode actually seemed to be more about Casey and Grimes, rather than Chuck and Sarah. The back story is . . in 1999, John Casey and his troop were in Iraq. There they found a bunker that housed the gold bullion that they were using to back their government . . or terrorists . . or whatever. Anyways, his comrades in arms got a little greedy and decided that it wouldn't be necessary to hide something that nobody even knew existed. Basically . . they wanted to keep it for themselves. Well Casey couldn't let that happen, so he takes out his own guys, buries the bunker, and then takes his former teammates to be court-martialed. Anyways, now that Chuck and Sarah are looking for his mother, and they know that she's being held by Volkoff . . they decided that the only way to find her, after a fruitless search through all of the files that they got from Coasta Gravos on Volkoff, was to search his worldwide network of prisons. Which leads them to Casey's old team, whom apparently went to work for Volkoff after they escaped federal custody. So, in order to draw them out of hiding, they decide to fake Casey's death. But, of course, things don't go as planned. They take off with Casey's body, but . . the drugs that he took to fake his death finally wear off. He makes his escape, but in their haste to rescue their fallen partner, Chuck and Sarah are captured instead. Anyways, the other subplot of this story is . . now that Grimes and Alex have decided to advance their relationship, Grimes knows that eventually he's going to have to tell her father, John Casey. But he keeps chickening out. However, in John's escape his old partners stab him with his back-up vial of the poison. After Jeff and Lester rescue him he's got couch-lock from over-medicating. So, in order to get his pulse racing and pull him out of this . . Grimes goes ahead and gives him all the sordid details. Needless to say it works, and . . it's hilarious. And then, in the end, when they all seem to be captured in Iraq, Grimes performs a selfless act and takes down the bad-guys, with a jolt of electricity. Even though its at a risk to his own personal safety. Which finally endears him to John . . and he gives their relationship his blessing. During all of this, Elle decides that she wants to know what has happened to their mother. And Chuck finds out from John's old team that Frost isn't a prisoner of Volkoff, but rather . . a partner. She's this mercenaries teams boss. And she's also Volkoff's right hand. Chuck admits to Sarah that he's starting to think that his mom may be one of the 'bad-guys'. I like the spy-theme of this show. But it's the humor that's mixed in that really sells it for me. I also like the music.

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