Saturday, October 02, 2010

Smallville - Shield - Season 10 - Episode 2 - CW

As episodes go . . this one was kind of boring. Well . . that is to say, if you weren't a Smallville follower, and this was one of the first episodes you ever watched . . you'd have been kind of bored through this one. But that's only because this is kind of one of those 'in-between' episodes. A lot of information is introduced to us in this episode, but . . the payoff isn't going to be until further down the line. Lois is in Africa, where she's looking into an archaeological expedition. They've found some tombs which appear to be Isis'. And, Carter Hall just happens to be there. We later find out that Clark asked him to keep an eye on Lois. They have a pretty lengthy conversation about 'heroes' and the roles that their loved ones play in their lives. As an antithesis to this meaningful dialogue, Cat Grant is also introduced as a new reporter at the Planet. Tess has teamed her up with Clark. I think because she knows that Cat will get under his skin. Cat is really against all the 'vigilantes'. She feels that if they were real 'heroes', then they should come out of the shadows and let the world see them for who they are. This seems to be a recurring theme throughout this episode. We find out that Checkmate is still after Clark's group of 'heroes', and is using the Suicide Squad to tag and track them. We get to see Deadshot, Plastique, and . . I think, Rick Flag. It turns out that Rick Flag was actually the one that had captured and was interrogating Ollie. Which means that when Chloe traded herself for him . . she was actually trading herself to the Squad, and thereby . . Checkmate. Which is something that also has Ollie concerned because before leaving . . she completely erased any electronic trace of herself. Ollie's search at Watchtower basically tells him that Chloe Sullivan never existed. Later, when Ollie catches up with Rick Flag, Rick tells him that they did indeed have her, but rather than give any information up during her interrogation . . she swallowed a cyanide capsule. According to Rick Flag . . she's dead. But Ollie finds a bottle in her apartment that contained a cyanide antidote. So he's thinking that she faked her death. But he doesn't know why. And he doesn't know what she's up to. And, as it turns out, something that Cat Grant says to Clark has him thinking. After saving her from one of Deadshot's schemes . . although it was actually set up to 'tag' Clark . . she says that he's a real hero. And then she goes on to tell him that the kind of 'heroes' that the world really needs should be shining beacons of light. Not tucked away . . obscure, and faceless. So at the end of the episode we see that Clark has traded in his black trenchcoat . . the motif of the 'blur', for a bright colored red leather coat, and blue pants. I think he's trying to go for the 'red, white & blue' theme here, but . . I don't think he's quite ready for the Superman costume. There was some good actions and moments this episode, but . . like I said, I think this one's purpose was really to introduce us to some new characters and some new plot-lines. Overall, I liked it. But it wasn't really over exciting. But I still thought it was a good chapter in the life of Clark Kent.

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