Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chuck vs the Suitcase - Season 4 - Episode 2 - NBC

In this episode Chuck is trying to figure out why Sarah won't hang anything up in the closet. They've been living together, and I assume involved in pre-marital relations, but . . she doesn't feel comfortable enough yet to unpack her suitcases and start using the closet and some of the drawers. Although, if you remember her background . . she hasn't had a very stable upbringing through the years. Coupled with how long she's been a spy . . this actually is kind of the norm for her. Anyways, it's kind of funny to see how this elephant in the room carries over into their mission. They go to Paris to try to stop a fashion model from passing along some 'smart-bullets' to some terrorists, and there's a lot of sarcastic and stabbing humor between them during different situations. Especially when Chuck ends up with the model while she's naked. Chuck's concerned with Sarah's ability to move to the next level. And I think Sarah is just a little jealous of Chuck when he starts looking at and watching the models. Anyways, back at the BuyMore, Grimes is trying to convince the General that things are running too smoothly. He starts showing her how they're going to blow their cover because things are actually operating to efficiently. Awesome even makes a comment to Chuck, 'These guys all look like models, or . . like me.' So anyways, that's how they work bringing all the misfits back into the show. I especially missed Jeff and Lester during the first episode. So now everybody is back except for Big Mike. We still have to see how that's going to happen. But it should happen soon because the General made Grimes the Store Manager. That's a disaster waiting to happen. Also, Awesome already suspects that Chuck is actually back to being a spy, but Elle is still in the dark. And Chuck, with the help of Sarah and Casey, are still looking for his mother. But they have to do so without letting the General know what they're up to. Oh yeah, and in a touching moment, Casey actually reaches out to his daughter. Although I think it's because he's concerned that Grimes knows more about her than he does. And we find out Elle is actually missing her mother more than she lets on. And, I think Chuck may have put a glimmer of doubt into Sarah's head when he tells her that he thinks that Elle may have it right . . 'Marriage, and then a baby. Maybe we'll be next.' Chuck doesn't see her reaction, but . . it looks like he just put a nail in her eye. Anyways, I think it's a great show. One thing I love about these McG productions, as with Fastlane and the OC, is that they have fantastic music. The scene where they bring all the BuyMore freaks back, they do it to Alice Cooper's Feed My Frankenstein. It's hilarious.

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