Friday, September 17, 2010

Brightest Day #7 - DC

It seems to me like this entity of the White Light . . the voice that keeps popping into head of Boston Brand . . as well as the rest of the heroes and villains that it brought back from the dead . . it seems like it's got these 12 people as it's puppets. It certainly has Boston Brand jumping through hoops. Not that it gives him much of a choice. The White Light, or ring, does the popping and moving around. Boston is just along for the ride. Anyways, in this issue it has a message for pretty much everyone. As it shows J'onn the forests of Star City, it tells him . . 'Burn it. Burn it down. Burn all or it.' But it also heals M'Gann who happens to be in his arms at the time. It tells Firestorm . . 'Ronald Raymond of Earth, you need to study. Jason Rusch of Earth, you need to get your head out of the books. Learn from each other so you can stop him. Don't let him destroy me.' And by 'him', I guess he means the identity of the third person that stuck inside the Firestorm Matrix with them. We don't know who that is yet, but we do get a glimpse. He has a different kind of symbol on his chest, and he seems to be holding a Black Lantern. So I'm not sure if it's Nekron or somebody else. Anyways, the entity even contacts Carter and Shiera who are fighting for their lives on Hawkworld. It tells Carter, 'Don't let them leave this world. Stop the Queen.' And it tells Shiera, 'If your lover dies here there is no more resurrection. Save him from Hath-Set.' And then she finds out that Hath seems to be working for some woman . . the Queen. Aquaman gets a message . .'Find Him. Find him first. Before they do.' And we see that it's talking about Aqualad. But, a different one. A new one. And then it cleans up the ocean and brings the fish back to life around Arthur's feet. And then it hits the rest of them, one at a time. 'Digger Harkness of Earth. Throw the boomerang at her.' It's talking about Dove. 'Jennie-Lynn Hayden of Earth. Balance the darkness. Your brother will save your friends.' 'Amon Tomaz of Earth. Free the goddess of nature. Free your sister. Free Isis.' 'Maxwell Lord of Earth. Magog will plunge this world into war. Stop the war before it starts.' It looks like it's telling him to kill Magog. 'Eobard Thawne of Earth. You have allowed the Flash to escape the Speed Force. Mission accomplished. Life returned.' And finally it tells Hank, 'Catch the Boomerang.' Apparently talking about the boomerang it told Digger to throw at her. It's all rather cryptic. Anyways, it also explains to Boston a little more about it's mission. Much like any other power ring, when it's bearer dies, it has to search for a replacement. Well the entity feels that it's dying. 'If you want to truly live again, help me. Life is a gift, Boston Brand. The chosen one knows that better than anyone. A new protector of Earth must rise . . you will find them.' But not to much pressure there. So now . . that's where they stand. Apparently they each have their own mission. Whether they want it or not. But who are they to complain after the gift they've already been given. So far I'm thrilled with the story Geoff John and Peter J Tomasi are presenting here. This issue was all over the place, because we got a little glimpse of everyone. But I think I like the issues more where they focus on one or two of the key players. Also everybody is doing a fantastic job with their part of the art. We have pages contributed by Ivan Reis, Patrick Gleason, Ardian Syaf, Scott Clark and Joe Prado. They're doing a great job at keeping the look and feel of this book consistent. I thought about doing more than one issue here, but . . I think this one is important enough that I'll stick to the 'one at a time' for it. I assume everyone is buying this one. If you're not . . you really don't know what you're missing.

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