Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nemesis #2 - Marvel - Icon

I know this book came out a while ago, but . . I just got it, so . . I thought I'd slip it in here. This issue explains more of the story behind this Nemesis guy. Apparently, when he was a child, his parents were busted for running a 'hunting club' for 15 years, involving teen-aged runaways, and rich friends. They were the founders of a billion dollar electronics empire. Before being arrested, his father had committed suicide. His mother died a few years later in the electric chair. Her final words to her son? 'I want you to destroy that clever policeman, my darling. Blake Morrow is the one who stopped the champagne.' Anyways, the boy went to live with his uncle, who took over the family business, and was bored by his high ideals and perfect manners. He ran away and traveled the globe. 'Learning at the feet of the magnificent bastards. By 12 I was a gang lord. At 15 I was Asia's largest drugs exporter. At 23 I headed a Zoroastrian death-cult and was finally ready to honor my mother's dying wish.' Which is when he began hunting all the policemen that were involved in their family's demise. All except for Blake Morrow . . whom he was saving for last. And who was now the Chief of Police in Washington DC. So in this issue . . he goes after Blake. He starts out by attacking him in the Pentagon. He's been leaving clues for him, and the next was about a gas attack. Blake is convinced that it's going to happen at the Pentagon, which it does. The only survivors are Blake and his Assistant, whom Nemesis has supplied an antidote in the morning coffee. The other 20,000 employees are all dead. We then get a cool chase scene, through the streets and sewers, until then end when Nemesis is arrested as he comes out of a man-hole. But even beaten and cuffed, he says to the police . .'You retards! You brain-dead little shits . . you think I didn't plan this?' Oh yeah, plus he's still holding the President hostage, and . . he told Blake he's kill him on March the 12th. Although I'm not sure what the specificness of that is. I thought it was a pretty thrilling issue. Even if we are celebrating a villain. Yes he's a victim . . or, he was when he was a child. But I think he's more a victim of his parents lack of judgement then necessarily that of the law enforcement community. But since this is being written most likely as an eventual screenplay . . I doubt that distinction will ever be explored. Or, you know what? I could see this as a video game also. There, moral ambiguity doesn't really matter. Anyways, as I said . . this came out in June, but I just picked it up in one of my E-bay packages. Since issue #3 is due out this month, I thought I'd include it in case I decide to pick it up. As with the last issue, this is brought to us by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven. Like it or not, it is what it is . . entertainment. Kind of scary. Huh?

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