Friday, September 24, 2010

Red Hood: the Lost Days #3 and #4 - DC

So far, I really like the story that Judd Winick is crafting here. Basically, he's filling in the questions as to how, and when, Jason came back. And what did he do to prepare himself for when he finally revealed his return to Batman. All of which . . Talia is playing a large part of. I think she originally brought Jason back, with one of the Lazarus pits, to try to ease some of the pain and burden of the man she loves. Obviously she didn't think this all the way through, but . . I think it was as simple as bringing him back, returning him to Bruce, and hoping that in return pledge his undying love. Yeah!! Like that was going to happen. She didn't listen to a word her father told her. He's been doing this a lot longer than her. He certainly knows the risks and side-effects, but . . I think she was blinded by love . . or romance. Well, you know . . the kind of romance where 2 people try to kill each other as foreplay. Anyways, once she realized that he was psychotic . . although I'm not sure if that was a side-effect of the Lazarus pit, or window into Jason's actual personality . . but when she realized that, she knew that she was going to have to stall him. So she sets him up with teachers of the 'Dark Killing Arts' all over the globe . . weapons, espionage, chemists, close combat experts, bomb makers . . etc, etc. She sells it as her concern over his facing his former mentor. The element of surprise will only carry him so far. If he wants to best him . . he's going to have to be better than him. I think she's also hoping that over the course of this, maybe . . just maybe, Jason will develop a conscience or a heart. And surprisingly . . he does. In a way. After about 10 or 12 'teachers', she finds that he's already killed about half of them. But the reasons he's giving himself seem legitimate . . pedophile, murder, sex-slaves, mercenaries . . he seems to be willing to siphon their information, but not let them continue to pursue their 'hobbies'. I believe he thinks he's actually saving people, or . . making the world a better place for the ones that are left. Anyways, by the end of issue #4, Jason is knee deep in the scheme of the Russian Mob, in London. They've got MI5, Interpol and Police so far up their ass that it's hurting their business. They haven't really been able to pin anything on them, but . . they've created enough of a wake that other gangs, and criminals, don't want to do business with them. So . . they've hired a bomb expert . . the one who's currently teaching Jason, to set off a series of explosions around London and make it look like it's the work of terrorists. Once everybody gets aboard that wagon, the crime files will become second shelf. The problem Jason has with all this? In order to sell this, they're going to have to kill about 700 people in one afternoon. So Jason's trying to mess with their plan, without exposing himself. But he's making a lot of rookie mistakes. The issue ends with him starring down the barrel of the Russian mob boss's gun. 'I don't care who he is! Just kill him!' Like I said, so far it's been a pretty cool story. But Judd always does a good job with this type of theme. Jeremy Haun is doing the art, and his style is fitting perfectly with this story. And don't forget the beautiful covers by Billy Tucci. If you aren't buying this one . . you're missing a good story.

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