Saturday, September 25, 2010

Smallville - Season 10 - Episode 1 - Lazarus - CW

The title of this episode could have many different meanings. Last season ended with Clark falling backward off a building, seemingly dying, with a blue Kryptonite dagger sticking out of his chest. This episode starts out with Lois finding him. She kind of deduced that the 'Blur' was Clark, last season, when he laid that big sloppy kiss on her. And I think she saw the fireworks that were happening on top of the building. So she's concerned when she finds him. She pulls out the dagger, and when Clark starts to revive . . she goes and hides. Apparently now . . she doesn't want Clark to know that she knows. Anyways, the Lazarus theme could also be because Jor-El comes back this episode also . . at least his voice does, and he's back to give Clark advice. Although he's not very supportive right now. He also believes that Clark is going to be this world's greatest hero, but . . right now he feels that he has a darkness in his heart that could stop him from being so. He feels that if Clark doesn't do something about this, he could also be the Earth's greatest threat. And Jonathan comes back this episode also. His advice is much more supportive. He also sees the 'darkness' in Clark, but . . he believes in him and has faith that he'll overcome it. It was really nice to see Jonathan again after all this time. And another person is seemingly back from the dead . . Tess. She finds herself on a bed in Cadmus Labs. Her face is covered with some type of goo. When she pulls it off . . she's completely healed. But she also finds, what I think is the real reason for the Lazarus theme . . Cadmus Labs seems to have been working on a series of Lex clones. Apparently they were originally created as a means to heal Lex should something happen to him. I guess it's also how Tess was healed. But now there's only 2 versions of Lex left. One is Alexander, a 10 year old version of Lex. The other is a clone that is about 20 years his elder. It's this clone that burns down Cadmus and then captures Lois to test Clark. He puts Lois on that stake in the field where Clark once hung, and then sets the field afire. At the same time he explodes a bomb at the base of the Daily Planet statue, forcing Clark to choose who he's going to save. As he's racing off to do both, this Lex clone dies. Clark pushes himself and accomplishes both, but . . I think it's his dealing with Lex, and his feelings for that whole situation, that bring forth the darkness in his heart. Anyways, Chloe is also looking for Ollie because he was captured at the end of the last episode. We see that he's tucked away somewhere being beaten for information. I'm not sure who's behind it. But later on, after Chloe goes through an ordeal by putting on the Helmet of Fate, she negotiates his release. At least that's what I think. It's a dark image, and a trade is made. But I'm not sure if Chloe got Ollie released, or if she traded up herself in his stead. I'm sure we'll find out more next time. Oh yeah, and in the end . . Lois decides to accept the assignment in Africa. Probably because she knows how hard it'll be to keep her secret from Clark. This is billed as 'the Final Season of Smallville'. And I'm sure it will be. But . . we don't know yet if there may be something spinning off of it. I sure hope so. But so far . . I really think they started out this one with a bang. It was a great episode and I can't wait to see more.

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