Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Red Robin #15 and #16 - DC

So, while Tim is out trying to check off this 'hit-list' of his . . it seems that Vicki Vale has been gathering information of her own. She's been trying to prove that Tim is either Red Robin, or Robin, and thereby who the identities are of the rest of the Bat-family. She doesn't really have any solid evidence, but . . she is making some pretty educated guesses. In fact, she's surprisingly close. So Tim sets himself up as a target. He was planning on 'outing' the 2 bad cops anyways, Cavallo and Wise, so he just does so in a manner that opens himself up as a target. He knows that someone will want to take him down, so he has M'gann pose as him, while he waits on the rooftops for the assassin . . Scarab. But he doesn't go after her until after she shoots Tim / M'gann. Then he takes down Scarab . . another one on his list, and switches places with M'gann and poses as a young man who had some serious spinal damage done. To really sell it, he makes a public statement saying that he's going to have to walk with canes, and assistance for at least the next year. That's the length that he's willing to go to try to protect everyone else. So hopefully that'll alleviate Vicki's interest . . at least for a while. But, it seems that Tim is of interest on someone else's list . . Anarky. Anarky has been mad at Robin ever since his brother and sister got killed. Yes it was Anarky's own bombs that killed them, but . . he doesn't' see it that way. Robin was trying to bring Anarky in, and he was using his siblings as leverage. But they weren't supposed to be at that place, at that time. Anyways, Anarky has been working off a list of possible Robin targets, and after eliminating the first couple, Tim Drake / Wayne is now at the top of his list. But with the recent events of his shooting, he's decided to skip him and move on to the next. Anarky is now Ulysses Armstrong. He originally came into Robin's sites as the General. But along the line he usurped Lonnie Machlin as Anarky, and is now using that identity for his own. But he's also got Lonnie in a chemical induced coma and is using him to get information on Robin. Apparently what he doesn't know though it that Lonnie has somehow connected with his computer, and has been communicating through it back and forth with Red Robin. Anyways, Tim is able to get the identity of Ulysses' next target and is there to stop Anarky. But before he can bring him in he activates a bomb back in his penthouse . . where he's keeping Lonnie. Tim has to leave him in order to save Lonnie. Fabian Nicieza has been doing a great job with Tim's character. He's got some great interactions between Tim and Stephanie, as well as his supposed fiance, Tamara. I also liked that little conversation between Tim and Digger Harkness when he goes to see him in jail. Basically he just wants him to know that . . now that he's back, he's going to need to pay for his father's death. And then there's the relation ship between him and Leslie Thompkins . . his personal physician. Without whom he wouldn't have been able to sell this whole plan. I think Fabian has a great handle on this character. And Marcus To's art gets better and better with every issue. The final page of issue #16, where Tim is visiting Digger in jail is awesome. Anyways, over all . . I'm very pleased with this book. Next month this title, as well as the rest of the Bat-titles will be skipping an issue for the Return of Bruce Wayne. There will be an issue next month . . The Road Home: Red Robin #1. But issue #17 won't be out until the month after that. But that's ok, because next month is going to be a really busy month in the Bat-family of books. Epic . . even!! I can't wait.

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