Sunday, September 26, 2010

Doom Patrol #13 and #14 - DC

Issue #13 gives us a rundown on everything that has happened to Rita. All the way back to when the group died . . in Codsville. It seems, for the Chief, bringing back Cliff and Larry didn't prove to be to difficult of a problem. Rita, however . . for her he needed some special considerations. Some of this story is a bit subjective, so I'm kind of putting it together from what I read. Apparently . . according to the Chief, he found a piece of Rita's skull and from that cloned her a new body. However, he couldn't get a good enough reading on her DNA to recreate her abilities. Niles theorized that because of everything that happened to these people, especially with the fragile ego that Rita posessed, her identity was now defined by her teammates and her abilities. So if he was to bring her back without those abilities, it would be like bringing back an imperfect version. Both to Rita, and along with Cliff and Larry. Oh sure, they'd try their best to get things back to normal, but . . it just wouldn't be the same. Anyways, in order for her to have the same abilities he had to bring her back made out of sentient protoplasm . . 'silly putty with a purpose'. Which is why she's been so secretive. If she sleeps to deeply, she loses all sense of self. And she'll awaken as nothing more than a pile of goo. Every day she has to remake herself in her own self image. All of this came to light during the incident with Jost and his Front Men. Anyways, the point of all this is now that Cliff and Larry know, Rita is worried that it's going to change the dynamic of thier team, as well as friendship. So, out of frustration, she decides that it's time to confront Steve. They talk for a while, but the issue ends with Rita growing to gigantic heights, destroying Steve's house, and tossing him about like a rag-doll in her humongous hands. In the next issue Rita basically tries to kill him when she tosses him out into the ocean. Luckily Cliff stops him from being damaged to much. From this adversity the group seems to be coming even closer together. And moving further away from Niles. He's kind of like the evil step-father. They all hate him. Well . . maybe 'hate' is a strong word, but they definitely don't trust him. He's had some devious agenda's in the past, but even this group realizes that they've probably only seen the tip of the iceberg. Anyways, while all of this is going on . . Niles has been experimenting on a Kryptonian. He's been trying to figure out where their powers come from, and how their bodies convert the solar energy. And, from the cover here, it looks like he's made some progress. Somehow he converts his body to accept the alien energy. 'If one duplicates the essence by which matter is defined, then one duplicates the properties of matter as defined by that essence. In theory.' The problem is . . it appears that the power is also driving him mad. He now feels that he no longer needs his Doom Patrol. And he begins to take them apart. Nothing to serious. Just enough to make it traumatic. He then flies off the island to do what he feels he needs to do. 'I'm saving the world from itself. For mine is the power and the glory.' Don't think he's getting to much of a god-complex, do you? Anyways, these were some great issues. I loved the story by Keith Giffen. I really think that he's got a great handle on these guys and has brought a great feel to this book. He's exploring a lot of different themes here, but . . that's ok. The Doom Patrol are some complicated people. Also I think Matthew Clark and Ron Randall are doing a fantastic job with the art. I think this book right now is as strong as it's ever been. And I look forward to it every month. I can't wait to see what happens next.

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