Sunday, September 26, 2010

Secret Six #24 and #25 - DC

There was something about these 2 issues that just seemed a little off to me. Don't get me wrong, they were both good stories . . very entertaining, but . . it just felt like I was missing something. And I'm not sure what that was. In issue #24 we find the members of our cast in the old west. But they don't seem to know each other. There's the whole 'six degrees of separation' thing, but . . one on one . . they're just acquaintances. So they live in this little town called Separation Flats. Ragdoll, Peter, is like the local jester. But he comes from a rich family. He and his sister, Alexandria, had a father who was very rich and owned a silver mine here. It was supposedly dried up, but the town went together and bought it. It ended up paying off. Now, apparently, Alexandria wants that family mine back. And she's willing to kill the whole town to get it . . if she has to. Maybe even if she doesn't. She seems to enjoy killing. Anyways, she's hired Slade Wilson as her enforcer. There's a big gun-fight and everyone ends up dead. Well . . everyone except for Alexandria. As Blake lay dying in the street, Alexandria asks him what he was thinking. How could he possibly think that their ragtag misfits could possibly defeat this woman's resolve. 'Thought . . we might be heroes.', was his reply. To which Alexandria replies . .'Not in this lifetime, Mr Blake. Not in this lifetime.' And that's it. So I don't know if Gail Simone was giving us an imaginary tale here, or maybe just a dream. Or it could have been an Elseworlds tale, but . . that part is never fully explained. Me? I'm just going to chalk it up as a footnote in this teams history. J Caliafiore does the art. Like I said, it was entertaining. I just didn't understand the purpose, or the chronology. Anyways, in issue #25 we move on to a new storyline. In it, Bane and Jeanette have put together a new team, which consists of Gigantia, Lady Vic, Dwarfstar and Killer Shark. And they've taken on a job for a mob bosses' soon to be ex-wife. Apparently she's not happy with the terms of their divorce . . monetary or custody, and has sent Bane and his team to renegotiate. This all happens as the mob-boss is out to sea on his yacht. But shortly after arriving Spy-Smasher shows up. She's as surprised about the new team as anybody, but she's not here to stop them . . she's here to hire them. Next we see the rest of the team . . who are in a bit of disarray right now . . especially Blake, gathered up by Tremor. And she was sent by Mockingbird. It seems that this all has to do with what's been going on in the last few issues of the Warlord. You know, the whole alien invasion thing . . or whatever that is. Anyways, we see the team at one of the portals to Skartaris. She's about to send the team in, but . . Bane's team is already there. We don't know how they got there, just that we see them standing in a Griffin's nest. And then they have to fight for their lives. Plus I'm not sure how either team is supposed to cross the portal. I thought the Warlord characters on the other side closed them off. That's how issue #16 of that series ended . . with them containing the threat to the world inside thier own. But apparently the government wants to make sure that they succeed, and are sending in back-up. I'm guessing that through the course of this storyline, half these characters are going to end up dead. And by the time these 4 issues are done . . we'll probably have a new line-up . . and only 6 characters left. But I'm just guessing. However, I was just looking through the previews and it looks like somebody is setting up both these teams. It sounds like someone has sent them both in so that they'll go at each other. But we don't know who or why. And, even though they're in Skartaris, it looks like we won't see the Warlord until issue #28. Anyways, it's an entertaining storyline by Gail and J Caliafiore. And there's some beautiful covers by Daniel Luvisi.

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