Sunday, September 19, 2010

JSA All-Stars #9 and #10 - DC

I hate to admit it, but I'm just not all that thrilled with this City of Gods storyline. However, we are getting a whole bunch of hints and tie-ins with Infinity Inc during all of this. So . . that's pretty cool. There's a part where some of the gang are out patrolling LA, waiting for the next outbreak among the gangs or citizens using Izapa, when they come across Stellar Studios. That's one of the places that Infinity Inc used to operate out of. Rick is a little sad when he sees just how trashed the place really is. And down in Parador, the All-Stars learn that Henry King, aka Brainwave, is involved in all of this somehow. Well first, when Maxine gets hurt, Anna Fortune uses a teleportation spell to take them to wherever King Chimera can envision. They end up in a hospital in Ankara Turkey. And apparently it's where the King lost a loved one. I just don't know if it's a girlfriend or sister. I'm not sure. But I'm leaning towards girlfriend. Anyways, Henry fills them in on what's been going on around here. It appears that the local government has been experimenting with with DNA and cloning. Through this process they end up creating 5 very special kids. Apparently it's through their powers, or thoughts that Henry was called here. Somehow he can keep them calm. Which he's been trying desperately to do because their powers are off the scale. But the local dictator, Montez, has other plans. He's been using Henry this whole time. His plans were to use the kids powers to rebuild Parador. But somehow through them he's brought some old Aztec gods back to life. For some reason though, they aren't to thrilled with Parador. And it's not where they've decided to build New Parador. No for that they move further north and for some reason decide that LA is where they want to be. They go through most of this issue fighting these new born gods who are trying to tear down, and then rebuild LA into thier New Parador. Everything seems pretty evenly balanced until one of the gods steals Stargirl's cosmic energy from her. Now I don't know if they're going to be able to stop them. Meanwhile, in Ankara, Maxine seems to suddenly heal from her wounds, but then it appears that her powers amp up. It looks like a tornado has popped up in the middle of the hospital. But we're going to have to wait to see what happens there. Don't get me wrong. I think Matthew Sturges and Freddie Williams II are doing a great job here. But . . I'm just not thrilled with it. There's been lots of action, and interaction, but . . the character development in my opinion has been slow in coming. There's actually more character development in the back-up story between Liberty Belle and Hourman, and their reluctant teammates . . Icicle and Huntress. But I am interested in both stories. They're just not in my favorites. By the way, Jan Van Meter and Travis Moore do the back-up. I want to like this book. I like all the individual characters. To me it just doesn't seem that they've stopped to develop things as a team. Since issue #1 they've gone from one crisis right into the next. But I'll keep trying. It is still the JSA, afterall.

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