Friday, September 17, 2010

Batman Confidential #47 and #48 - DC

Batman and Superman are at a complete disadvantage this issue. First of all, neither of them even believe in all this 'hoo-doo' crap. But . . they also can't deny that Superman's powers are a detriment for whatever forces they are facing. Somehow this Mama Elizi, with the help of Professor Combs, is bringing back to life some very powerful shaman, a black magician, that was killed in Corto Maltese. Somehow he's going to help Mama Elizi create an army of zombies. And in return he wants his own vampire. Which is where Dimeter comes in. Last issue they took off for the little island with Olivia, Dimeter's girlfriend, knowing that the 'heroes', and the vampire would have no other choice than to follow. So far our 'heroes' have been doing nothing but reacting to Mama Elizi and Combs' plan. Somehow they need to get on the offensive. But, that may be hard. At the end of this issue, the zombie hordes overpower Batman and they shove him into a hole in the ground. This is where they cultivate their live followers by subjugating them to snake bites, and venom, and powerful hallucinogens. In the last panel of this book, Batman appears much as he does on the cover. Issue #48 is called 'the Waking Dead'. In the next issue we start out with Batman appearing to be one of Mama Elizi's undead zombies. But somehow he breaks the hold the drugs have on him. It's never really explained but I would guess that it's because of all the preparedness that he takes to deal with the likes of the Scarecrow or Poison Ivy. I would imagine that his system has built up a kind of immunity. Anyways, the Werewolf, Janko, takes out Mama Elizi's son, who is also a zombie. And after Superman tries unsuccessfully to use brute strength against the magic, Dimeter helps out the situation by taking him to one of his local contacts. Sister Geneva is a practitioner of white magic. She tips the scale in the 'heroes' favor, as she's better prepared to counter Mama Elizi's spells and potions. She also replaces Superman's body with that of the 100 year old dead murderer that she's trying to resurrect. In the end, the team of 'heroes' beat the team of bad-guys. Combs is taken back to Arkham. And Mama Elizi puts a curse on Superman and Batman for taking her son away from her. Olivia runs away from Dimeter because of what he's turned her in to. And Janko goes off with Geneva. I guess she's going to teach him how to control his affliction. Overall I enjoyed this issue, and story-line, but . . I'm just not real big on these monster/zombie/vampire story-lines. They're ok. But they don't thrill me. I thought Kevin VanHook did a decent job though. And, although I'm not a huge fan, Tom Mandrake's art definitely fits this type of story-line. The way the story is set up, I'm sure it'll be out in TPB before to long. It was ok. Just not my cup of tea.

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