Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chuck vs the Anniversary - Season 4 - Episode 1 - NBC

Tonight was the first show of the new season of Chuck. I love this show. This season picks up, obviously, where the last season left off. Chuck has found out that his father, who was killed by the Ring, was looking for his mother. Who we found out was also a spy. But Chuck has promised his sister that he wouldn't be a spy anymore. So he and Morgan have decided to go out and try to do it on their own. After traveling all over the globe, and wracking up $43,000 in bills, they discover a lead that brings them right back to LA. But . . it ends up being a dead end. Of course Sarah and Casey are still out there working cases. And we find out that the Buy More has been rebuilt. However, now . . now it's run by General Beckman. It appears that the President has taken a keen interest in Operation Bartowski and the Buy More is now a joint CIA/NSA base. Anyways, it turns out that Sarah and Casey's operation has to do with the same Russian gun-runner that Chuck and Morgan's little escapade has led them to. And they all end up in Moscow together. Although Sarah and Casey have been captured and Chuck and Morgan have to help them escape. In the end Chuck tells Sarah the truth about their endeavor to find his mother . . played by Linda Hamilton, and she's code-named the Frost Queen. And they're all going to work together on this little operation. Although they won't be telling the General. Chuck wants to tell his sister what's going on, but . . she tells Chuck that she just found out she's pregnant so . . now Chuck doesn't want to worry her. Anyways, I thought it was a pretty good first episode. It wasn't as exciting as some others, but . . we did get a lot of information and this season is securely tied to last season's finale. But there were a few slow spots. Cool music though. Oh yeah, and Chuck and Sarah were sexting. Well actually it was Sarah and Morgan, but . . nevermind. Anyways . . cool show. I'm glad it's back.

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