Monday, September 27, 2010

the Authority #25 and #26 - WildStorm

Well, after the debacle with Mondragon . . and the extensive damage that the Aegean did to the inside of the Carrier . . the Authority really only has one course of action . . it's time to do some spring cleaning. Actually, I don't mean for that to sound as 'light' as I do. They actually have quite a bit to take care of. The Carrier is damaged. They've got an extensive amount of wounded civilians. And John, the High, has just sacrificed himself for the safety and lives of the masses. Not to mention that during the course of this, Jack revealed the doomsday device that he brought on board with him. When Jack took over Gamorra City, he learned of a WMD that they had created. It was so powerful that it could take down the Carrier. But there was a problem activating it, because when Kaizen Gamorra created it, there wasn't the technology available that could channel it. But Kaizen fixed that. He hardwired it into on of the lab assistant's brains, Mayumi Kana. So when Jack took the weapon, he did it partly to find a humane way to free Mayumi's mind. 'But, when the Carrier came back online and it was clear we weren't in control of it. I felt we needed an insurance policy.' Needless to say the rest of the Authority isn't very happy about this. Anyways, just as things are starting to get back together, the Carrier comes upon a planet. Well . . what's left of it. In it's atmosphere is some kind of base hovering overhead. And it has dozens of other 'shift-ships' attached to it. As the Carrier approaches, it hovers over a spike. I think they assume that it's some kind of docking bay. But really . . it essentially impales the Carrier. And Ange loses all connection with it. They then have dozens of doors open up all over the ship. They're immediately beset by aliens. One of which is kind of a amped up version of Cryb, from the Sinestro Corps. It seems to be alive, but . . it's also large enough to have an area to contain all the people that it's capturing. But so far it doesn't look like it's actually hurt anybody. Most of their damage comes from fighting their captors. A small group of them remain behind though . . Roxy, Sarah, Christine, River and Deathblow, also Shen. Apparently River has the ability to alter their perception of things. So basically . . he hides them. As well as Shen, who's still unconscious, laying in the infirmary. But everyone else, I assume, has been taken to the main 'loading-bay' . . as it were, and are trying to figure out what's going on. One of the aliens takes over one of the bodies of the civilians. Through this, and Jack's attempt to use his powers to interface with this moon-sized city, they learn that they're actually inside of some kind of very large alien. Apparently the Carrier serves as a 'harvester' of sorts. It goes out to collect biological material . . people, aliens, whatever . . which the larger alien uses as cogs in it's machine. To put it simply. 'When last a harvester returned from your planet, your species hadn't developed language. You could only grunt . . and scream. Now you speak but you will also scream. We will use you. You will be Karibna.' Ever since they left Earth, this group has gone from one bad situation to the next. But, it appears that they've finally reached their destination. So now, maybe, instead of reacting to everything that's been happening to them . . maybe now they can pool their resources and take the offensive. I sure hope so. Otherwise . . all these people are done. I think this has been an interesting chapter of this groups journey. Tom Taylor and Adam Warren have put together and interesting story here. Even if it does seem to edge on apocalyptic. I'm also very impressed by Al Barrionuevo's art. I've always appreciated Al's work. But in this story he changes up his style just a little bit. He's added a kind of painted style, or influence to his work. It comes across really well. Anyways, both issues end with big cliffhangers, so it'll be interesting to see what happens.

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