Monday, October 04, 2010

Chuck vs Cubic Z - Season 4 - Episode 3 - NBC

I like that Chuck and Sarah are delving into their relationship more, but . . I'm also glad to see that the Buy-More, and it's misfit cast of characters, is getting more attention now. As usual this episode revolves around two separate, but interactive, storylines. One involving Chuck and Sarah . . the awkward advancement of their relationship . . and how their jobs as spys get in the way of them figuring it all out. At least in a timely fashion. They always seem to get there eventually, but. . they also take a long time jumping the many hurdles in their way. This time, as their looking forward to a romantic trip, and mission, to Morocco, things are put on hold as they have to hold and detain Hugo Panzer and Heather Chandler . . Steve Austin and Nicole Richie. It's been this sense of danger and adventure, I think, that's brought them together. And I'm sure it keeps everything exciting. But it also seems to make them realize how important their time together is. Eventually, with Heather/Nicole's reluctant help, they decide to take it slowly. That is until a series of events leads Chuck into looking like he's proposing to her. They're both stymied as Chuck doesn't know if he should or shouldn't. Even though it wasn't what he had planned. Plus he doesn't know what Sarah's reaction will or won't be. Does he make her mad by pursuing the issue, or does he make her mad by acting like it's all a big joke? And Sarah seems to be just as mystified. Is Chuck serious or not? Should she act like she's answering, or act like it's all a big joke? So again the episode ends with them awkwardly stumbling through another relationship obstacle. Anyways, on the Buy-More side . . with the release of a new, highly anticipated game, Grimes is finding out just how hard it is to run this ship all by himself. And, of course, just then . . Big Mike comes walking back into the picture. He shows up because he's decided to ask Grimes' mother to marry him, but . . he wants Grimes' blessing. He ends up sticking around because he can see how much Grimes is in over his head, and offers to help. Through the course of this drama Grimes realizes just what an asset Mike is . . both to the store and to his mother. So he gives him his blessing, and asks him to be the Asst. Manager. And with that . . everyone is back in place. Things are a little different and shaken up, but . . the central cast of characters are still there. Jeff and Lester also play a hilarious role in traumatic launch of this game . . Spy-Attack. During this operation Casey gets hurt, and is assigned to desk duty for the interim. And Chuck gets another little piece of information from Heather/Nicole about his mom . . Frost. Heather was involved in an 'operation Beacon', back in Europe. And she saw that Frost was very close to Alexei Volkov. She doesn't know what their relationship was, or her reasons for being there, just that they were always together. You know what this series kind of puts me in mind of? The old 'Get Smart' series. You know, with Don Adams and Barbara Feldon . . Agent 86, and Agent 99? Except Chuck isn't as slapstick. And I think it also focus' more on the actual mission at hand. But Chuck and Agent 86 are similar in that they are the inept spy, who really wants to be at the top of their respective games, but tend to do so more out of luck or chance than actual ability. Anyways, for the most part I like the storylines, but what keeps me coming back is the humor and the ridiculous situations. Other than Smallville . . and Big Bang Theory . . this is my favorite show on TV, right now.

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