Monday, October 04, 2010

Shadowland #2 and #3 - Marvel

I picked up issue #1 of this series mostly because I was interested in what was happening to Daredevil. I know I don't follow his book right now, but at one time I was a huge fan. Anyways, this story looked interesting so I thought I'd give it a shot. And when issue #1 ended with him killing Bullseye, well . . my curiosity was definitely peaked. But I'm not going to be picking up any of the addendum's. I'm not going to be dragged into all of that again. Anyways, in issue #2, Luke and Danny are trying to figure out what to do. I think their resolve is strengthened when Wilson Fisk shows up trying to prompt them into action. I don't think they were swayed so much by what the Kingpin said, but rather that the situation had deteriorated so much that he was now involved. I think it kind of opened their eyes. But Wilson doesn't put all of his eggs in one basket. Lady Bullseye has found the Hand's Black Scroll for Wilson. With it he can bend one of the Hand's most ancient enemies to his will . . the Zugaikotsu. Or in other words . . the Ghost Rider. And, while this is going on, Jake Lockley . . the Moon Knight . . has gotten himself captured by Daredevil's ninja's because he wants to find out what exactly is going on with all of these prisoners that have been taken. As he arrives in the dungeons, almost simultaneously Luke has gathered a group of Matt's friends to confront him in the main hall. Matt has put out a call for warriors. He wants to strengthen his ranks. So when they come knocking on the door saying that they want to help . . he believes them. At first. But tensions quickly rise. And when the Ghost Rider attacks in the dungeons, Daredevil thinks that everything is connected. There's a big battle and most of Daredevil's prisoners escape. Jake stays behind. Even though his plan has been shot to hell . . he still wants to know what's going on. And, when the Punisher gets involved, Luke and his cadre also make their escape . . relatively unscathed. However, in the process, they see that Daredevil is more than Matt ever was on his own. They think that something from the Hand may be possessing him. Specifically he's become a puppet of the Snakeroot, and a vessel for . . the Beast of the Hand. However, by the end of issue #3 we see that Daredevil has Typhoid Mary by his side, and is recently joined by Elektra. Not to mention, in his quest for better soldiers, he's decided to resurrect Bullseye. And Moon Knight is still hiding in the shadows . . biding his time. Andy Diggle has put together a pretty interesting story here. As with the heroes, I'm starting to believe that Matt is no longer in control of his actions. I'm interested to see how this is all going to turn out . . and where Matt, or Daredevil's character will be left in the aftermath. Billy Tan is also doing a great job with the art here. I'm intrigued, but not so much that I'm going to buy the other issues. I think I'll just stick with this one and see what happens.

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