Monday, October 04, 2010

Ultimate Avengers 2 #6 - Marvel

I enjoyed this issue, and this series. I thought Mark Millar did a great job with the story. They've got some great characters to work with here. We've got Tyrone Cash, the first Hulk, and we were introduced to the Ultimate Universe's version of the Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, and the Punisher. The setup for this story is pretty simple. There were some men who killed Johnny as a sacrifice to Satan. Their goal was to gain power. Which they did. Now, several years later, Johnny has been given the power of the Ghost Rider, by Satan, and has begun to exact his revenge against those that killed him. The problem is, one of the . . Blackthorne, is now the Vice President of the United States. So when Nick Fury is called up and asked to stop this Ghost Rider, he puts together a very powerful black-ops team which he calls the Avengers. And they take on the task of protecting the VP. Well . . they do that after they try miserably to stop the Ghost Rider on one of his other targets. When they put the list together, of how the victims are connected, Blackthorne is the only one left. Which is again when they run into another problem. By the time Johnny gets to Blackthorne, Satan has given the VP the same powers as the Ghost Rider. I guess it was just his way of making sure that he actually gets his soul when things are all said and done. That, or . . he just has one sick, twisted sense of humor. Anyways, there's a big fight, and for some reason Johnny and Blackthorne switch back to their human identities to carry it on. This is when Frank Castle comes along and shoots Blackthorne in the head. Like I said, I think the whole purpose of this story-line was to introduce us to this Universe's version of these two . . sorry, make that three characters . . Ghost Rider, Punisher and the first Hulk. At the end, Satan agrees to let Johnny keep his powers, and Roxanne her new life, as long as Johnny keeps sending him new souls. Meanwhile, Hawkeye helps Frank escape from the government program and he goes to Russia to hunt down mobsters there. He believes that he's been sent a message from somebody on the other side . . 'Keep up the good work.' And we'll obviously see another on of these mini-series as Black Widow and Red Wasp are hardly featured at all in this story-line. I thought Mark did a good job with the story, and I enjoyed Leinil Francis Yu's version of these characters. He does a great job with the action sequences. If you missed this one I'm sure it'll be out in TPB soon. You should check it out. You won't be disappointed.

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