Monday, October 25, 2010

Batgirl #13 and #14 - DC

Unfortunately #15 didn't come out yet, or I'd have included that here also. The Batman cross-over did . . for the Return of Batman, but . . I want to try to do those books together, so I'm not going to include it here. But since that book ties into the overall theme of the Bat-books that month, these stories are both one shots. In issue #13 Bryan Q Miller and Pere Perez bring us a story of Batgirl and Clayface. Obviously, from the cover. This is a typical Clayface story, so I think the important part of this issue is Bryan's character development of Stephanie. We get a glimpse of her life as a college student, but I think the most important insight we get is into that of the relationship between her, as Batgirl, and Det. Gage, of the GCPD. They've come into contact more than once, so there's a report that's starting to develop between them. In the end, they actually kind of help each other take Clayface down. Plus we get a little interaction between Steph and Proxy, Wendy Harris. She fills in for Babs when she's out doing 'Birds' stuff. And since she and Steph are similar in age, they also seem to have a report. Not to mention her mom, with whom she's trying to rebuild their relationship. All in all, it was kind of an upbeat fun issue. Bryan also writes issue #14, with Lee Garbett doing the art. In that issue there's an experiment that goes awry at the University and while Steph and Kara are watching an old vampire movie . . it's main character is turned into a hard light projection. Actually, there's 24 of them because the energy burst lasts for about a second, and in the old films, the frame rate is 24 per second. So, obviously, Batgirl and Supergirl have to scour the campus and find the 24 black & white vampire menaces. Again, I think the important part of this issue is the character development between Steph and Kara. They're both kind of going at life from opposite directions, and it becomes obvious this issue that they both want what the other has. As well as Kara gets along with Stephanie, I'm surprised that they haven't gotten together with Cassie, Wonder Girl. They seem like their characters would play off of each other well. Anyways, it was another fun story, and a quick read before we get into the whole Return of Batman thing. After that . . who knows how Batgirl's role in Gotham will be changed. Both beautiful covers are by Stanley Lau. I really like this series, and Stephanie's character. I'm really glad she's found her own home.

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