Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chuck vs the Coup d'Etat - Season 4 - Episode 4 - NBC

In this episode Costa Gravas, and General Alejandro Goya come back in to Elle and Devon's life. The General's chief of security, Turinni, shows up at Elle's house inviting them to come back to Costa Gravas. Since she and Awesome are having a hard time dealing with her pregnancy right now . . she's about 4 months along and Awesome pays more attention to her belly, and the baby, that he does to her, they decided to take him up on his offer. Besides, this will give them a chance to have a 'Baby-moon'. A honeymoon of sorts before the baby is born. Sarah and Chuck are also having relationship problems, because of the faux-proposal that accidentally occurred at the end of the last episode, so they decide to go along a get a little vacation to. Also Grimes is having some relationship problems, as he really likes Alex, Casey's daughter. But he's more afraid of him, than of missing out with Alex. Which is how he comes across the book, '101 Conversations Before 'I Do''. And, in trying to help Chuck, he also gives it to him. So anyways, of course in Costa Gravas things don't go as planned. The General's wife decides to have a Coup. And the Bartowski's are left having to shuttle him out of the country to safety. But the only person he feels safe with is the man's whose blood runs through his veins . . Col. John Casey. During the course of this Casey reveals to Goya that it's actually Turinni that's behind this. Turinni takes him back home, and Chuck, Sarah and Casey have to try to rescue him because of the nuclear control panel that they find in the castle. Anyways, Chuck ends up using the stuff he'd learned from the book and talks the General and his wife into finding and re-exploring their old feelings of love. Chuck finds out from Goya that the control panel also came from Volkoff. At the end Chuck tells Elle that he's looking for their mom. Grimes decides to make a move on Alex . . and kisses her. It looks like things are going to work out. But right now Casey's out of town, so . . they don't have to face that yet. And while Chuck's sleeping . . because of something that Chuck had told her earlier, Sarah decides to talk to him. She tells him that if he had actually been proposing, she would've said yes. It's hard to tell if Chuck is really sleeping, or if he's just faking it. Anyways, it looks like all the relationships on this show are going to be moving forward. Now they just need to find someone for Casey to become romantically involved with. I don't know though. That might take away his edge. I think this is a great show. It's got a cool comedic twist to everything. And it's kind of a spy / soap-opera rolled up into one.

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