Sunday, October 10, 2010

the New Avengers #2 and #3 - Marvel

I thought these were some interesting issues. My only concern is that things always seem a bit vague when it comes to all this mysticism . . Doctor Voodoo, Stephen Strange and Daimon Hellstrom. The story starts out with someone, or something, possessing Stephen and Daimon. They've attacked Doctor Voodoo . . apparently they're after the Eye of Agamotto . . and they haven't been exactly subtle about their intentions. They want the Eye, even if they have to kill him. But apparently it has to be willingly handed over . . it can't just be taken. See . . that's the part about the magical stories that always seems to bother me. There seems to always be all these unwritten 'rules' about who can do what to who, or what they need to do it. I don't necessarily think that Stephen Strange was ever any better of a sorcerer that say Doctor Voodoo. I think he just had a better understanding and grasp of all the 'rules'. But, that's just my opinion. Anyways, to protect the Eye Voodoo sends it to Luke Cage. I assume . . I hope, he thought it would be safer because he guessed that he would be in the company of his fellow Avengers. Either that, or . . he just drew a straw out of a hat. Anyways, shortly after getting it Luke becomes the one that's possessed. Logan brings Stephen and Daimon back to the fold after he stabs them. Somehow the physical trauma releases the hold of whatever demon is possessing them. See . . another one of those 'rules'. Anyways, there's a bunch of pushing and shoving and eventually Iron Fist ends up with the Eye. This time whoever possesses him takes off for their home dimension shortly after. I'm not sure why they didn't do that when Luke had it. And shortly after Danny disappears. And then . . the skies open up. It appears that there's been a rift opened between our dimension and wherever these demons are coming from. The story doesn't progress a whole lot further in issue #3. Victoria Hand is brought back into the mix. And she actually saves Jessica and her baby from being attacked. Oh yeah, the demons seem to be running rampant around New York City now. We also see that wherever Danny has been whisked off to . . they can't seem to touch him. We don't actually see who's there . . just a whole lot of bright light, but we, and Danny, hear their voices. Apparently they can't touch Danny because he's enlightened. They expected him to be destroyed by the time he arrived. Also Voodoo, Strange and Hellstrom have begun trying to work on locating the Eye, hopefully returning it and Danny, and also stopping the destruction of their dimension by whomever is attacking it from wherever they're coming from. And finally, at the end of the issue, we see that whomever is behind this was at one time Doctor Strange's teacher. I'm not that familiar with Doctor Strange, or his history, so I don't know who this guy is. But he appears to be a much older version of Doctor Strange, or perhaps his predecessor. I thought the issues were entertaining. I love the way the Brian Bendis writes the dialogue between all these characters. I'm suspecting that's why he's got Spider-man attached to this group. Nobody chatters during a fight more than Peter. And actually I'm glad that Brian is still attached to the Avengers. But I'm also pleased that he's not doing all the books, as he was a few years ago. This is a vast group with all it's appendages splitting off into various titles. Personally, I think the more writers that are involved . . the better ideas that we're going to get. And through that . . better stories. Also, as usual, Stuart Immonen is doing a great job with the art. I was planning on just sticking with one of the Avengers titles. But now? Now I'm not so sure. I'm enjoying all these books . . in their own unique way.

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