Sunday, October 10, 2010

SHIELD #3 and #4 - Marvel

First of all, I have to say that I think Jonathan Hickman is writing a masterpiece here. He's doing nothing short of tying together all of history, and then weaving the creation, tenents and aspirations of SHIELD throughout all of it. It's hard for me to even explain what Jonathan has going on here, because . . well . . everything is tied together. It's hard to know one thing, without another. And for knowledge to progress further, the past has to be better understood. Suffice it to say, the characters in this book consist of some of the richest in history . . Imhotep, Galileo, Da Vinci, Newton and, apparently the most important . . or dangerous, I'm not sure which . . Nostradamus. Through their secret elixir . . the Forever Compound, Nostradamus has been the thread that has existed through all of the most recent history . . the past 500, plus years. While Da Vinci seems to be the errant explorer that bounces around through history, to where he sees fit. Although he seems to have an agenda and purpose, it's hard to see exactly what that is right now. But we do see however that things seem to revolve around a boy . . Leonid. When Da Vinci comes to him it's in the year 1956. And Leonid is a young man . . probably in his early 20's. He's called by some, 'the boy with the stars beneath his skin'. Whatever that means. Like I said, we see a lot of interesting stuff going on here, but . . we aren't privy, yet, to how it's all connected. We know that it is, we just aren't being shown the threads . . yet. We see stuff from Galactus outside of Rome, in 1582, to Abu Musa Jabir Ibn Hayyan Al Azdi's destruction in 750 AD. We see Newton's discovery of the Devian City in 1625, to Nostradamus' abduction in 1652. We see Da Vinci's return to the brotherhood, and the Immortal City, in 1956, to a pregnant Celestial in 114 AD. And Nostradamus has been witness and privy to most of this knowledge. At the end of issue #4 when Leonid, after discovering his incarceration, asks him who he is . . he replies, 'I am Nostradamus. The Catalyst. And the Architect of Revelation.' It really is a lot to take in. But Jonathan is definitely the architect of this story . . this masterpiece in the making. And he's doing a tremendous job. As well as Dustin Weaver who visually interprets it all for our unworthy eyes. I know. A little dramatic there, but . . I had to give it a shot. Anyways, it's a great story and apparently the foundation for the entirety of the Marvel Universe. Not to much pressure on Jonathan's shoulders there. Right? It's a great story. But if you haven't picked it up yet . . do so from the very beginning. I'm not just being dramatic when I say . . everything is connected.

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