Monday, January 31, 2011

Chuck vs the Push Mix - Season 4 - Episode 13- NBC

Most of this episode revolves around the hospital. Elle goes into labor, and Casey is there, hopefully, recovering from his recent injuries in his mission with Sarah. I'm sure this isn't the first time, in the course of his career, that he's been hurt this bad . . or this close to death's door. I'd imagine that it's just part of the reality of the job. Anyways, of course Awesome is freaking about about the baby's arrival. He's had everything so carefully planned, but . . now that the actual day has arrived . . he feels like he's not ready at all. One of the things he's asked Chuck with for help was the 'push-mix' . . the music that Elle would listen to as she's delivering the baby. He wants it to be perfect. However, Jeff and Lester overhear this conversation and intercept the CD before Chuck can fill it with 'hippy-crap'. Hence the name of this episode's title. Suffice it to say that Jeffster screws it up, and somehow they end up in the hospital performing 'Push It' over all the loud-speakers. It really is hilarious. Especially when they get arrested. Anyways, in this episode Chuck's goal is to get Sarah back home from Volkoff. He's tired of just sitting on his hands while Sarah does all the work. He feels like he should be helping her. Plus, while visiting Casey, he had become conscious enough to get the half of the eye Sarah gave him during their scuffle to Chuck. With it Chuck tries to find out who made it, linking it back to Volkoff, and hopefully finding out where Sarah and his mom were being held. Right now the only information they have is something about the Contessa. As it turns out . . the Contessa isn't a woman, but rather a boat . . Volkoff's base of operations. So . . long story short . . Chuck tricks Volkoff and his men into coming to his father's cabin. There he informs him that he'd planted a virus in Volkoff's computer transferring all of his data-base to the computer in the cabin. And by also tricking him into saying his password, he can also access it all. So in the end . . Volkoff and his men are arrested by Beckman, and everyone else is saved. Also, later, while sitting outside of the delivery room . . Chuck finally proposes to Sarah. As the episode ends we see them embrace and kiss. I'm glad we got some of these story-lines wrapped up. Now they can approach the second half of the season trying to wrap up the rest. Plus I'm sure we'll have some more of the usual screw-ball hi-jinks that we get with this series. But . . that's why I like it.

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