Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chuck vs the Balcony - Season 4 Episode 11 - NBC

Of course there's the usual spy and intrigue to this story, but . . the real crux of the episode is Chuck's attempt to propose to Sarah. It seems like whenever his plans seem to be coming together . . something happens to derail everything. When it comes down to it . . he just wants it to be perfect. His latest attempt involves a romantic dinner. But after Sarah tells him about one of her own parents botched attempts . . he decides that it's to cliche . . and has to stop all the wheels from turning. While this is going on . . in the French wine country . . Loire Valley, to be specific, there's recently been an agent killed. He hid a secret nanochip in a wine cork there, which he stole from a French terrorist, Pierre Melville. Shortly before his dying breath he had injected it into a cork and now the CIA wants Chuck and Casey to recover it before Pierre gets his hands back on it. Casey has to pose as Mr Carmichael's manservant. Meanwhile, Sarah is volunteering to do whatever is necessary to bring down Volkoff and bring in Chuck's mother. When Chuck tells Morgan about the mission, they decided that this Chateau will be the perfect place for Chuck to 'redo' his proposal. Once there, it's Casey who really figures out what's going on. While hiding in the wine-cellar, he overhears the terrorists talking. They've found the injection gun, and through it have determined exactly which type of wine that the cork is maintaining. From there it's pretty cut and dry. Chuck recovers the chip, and Sarah saves Casey and takes out the French terrorists. But after returning, General Beckman wants Sarah to return and to sell the chip back to Pierre. What Chuck doesn't know that is that Morgan has gotten everybody in on the proposal plan. Sarah and Casey are both trying to help Chuck finally make this thing happen. Of course Chuck doesn't know that. The problem is, according to the Generals plan, after the buy goes down . . Sarah going to be arrested as a traitor so that she can later escape and join Volkoff's crew. Of course this completely wrecks the proposal. And at the end of the episode Chuck is once again left teary eyed holding the ring-box in his pocket. At Buy More, there's another misunderstanding brewing around Lester. His "Hinjew" parents have decided that he should partake in an arranged marriage. The bride will be visiting soon from Lester's ancestral homeland . . . Saskatchewan, Canada. Of course he doesn't want any part of this. And of course the woman ends up being a knock-out. It's hilarious when he tries to 'woo' her with his Indian heritage by transforming the Theatre Room into his own Indian 'man-cave' . . with Lester playing the Sitar. This freaks her out, but after explaining his attempt to impress her she decides to give him another chance. His back-up plan? Well . . Jeffster, of course. And, of course . . this freaks her out even more. Lester has messed it up again. This was another funny, and moving episode. I like the way that they're trying to balance the stories of all these characters here. My only concern is that they're going to decide they have to many storylines going and get rid of some of them. There is an awful lot going on. But . . I still love it.

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