Monday, January 31, 2011

Chuck vs the Gobbler - Season 4 Episode 12 - NBC

This episode has a few storylines going, but . . for this episode, at least . . the put the proposal on hold. Well, mostly because Sarah is with Volkoff. The episode starts out with Morgan asking Casey for his help. With Sarah out of town, and undercover, he's worried about Chuck . . his 'frame-of-mind' . . his spirits. Morgan's afraid that Chuck will get depressed, worrying about Sarah. However, Chuck seems to be all smiles. He's trying to look on the bright side of things. Sarah is trying to finally bring down Volkoff, and . . in doing so, he'll also get his mom back. Anyways, with Sarah's mission . . she tries to explain to Volkoff that she and Chuck got caught up in the CIA life. A life that was never really their own. So now . . she wants to cash out and run away with Chuck. And she convinces Volkoff that he can help her do that. Of course Volkoff is suspicious, but . . he's intrigued as well. And of course Frost warns Volkoff that Sarah will betray them. So as a test, he gives Sarah a suicide. It's a prison break for one of his top men . . Yuri the Gobbler. Shortly afterwards, while Casey, Chuck, and Morgan are inside Castle waiting for word from Sarah, something happens that makes them think that they're under attack. But . . it's actually Sarah. She's snuck back so that she can ask for her team's help with this mission. Plus I think she wanted an excuse to see Chuck. They decide to have Chuck enter the prison posing as a criminal, and Casey and Morgan as guards. Immediately Chuck announces that he wants to be 'top-dog', and picks a fight with Yuri . . arguably one of the biggest, meanest looking guys here. Of course, using the intersect, he beats him pretty easily. With Sarah as the 'get-away' driver, they quickly return him to Volkoff. Volkoff seems happy for his return . . at first. But it isn't long before he draws a pistol and shoots him in the head. It appears that Yuri's left eye is false, and . . it contains Volkoff's secret database. After killing him, Volkoff plucks it out of his head and plugs it into his computer. Soon Sarah gets another mission from Volkoff . . she's to kill John Casey. Casey gets a text from Sarah to meet up. Of course Chuck wants to go along, but Casey won't let him. And of course . . Chuck follows him. Casey and Sarah meet up on the ninth floor of a building, while Chuck tries to follow him up to help. So while Casey and Sarah are fake fighting, and exchanging information up high . . Chuck is busy fighting Volkoff's men down low. Casey gives Sarah an idea for a plan. He wants her to throw him through a window, and he'll land on some scaffolding about 40 feet below. They do so but, when he lands on the scaffolding, it breaks, and he falls the rest of the way to the ground. As far as Sarah knows . . she's actually killed Casey. When Chuck sees this, Volkoff's men knock him out and they quickly take off with Sarah and Frost. But . . Casey is tougher than he looks. At the end of the episode we see him lying in a hospital bed, unconscious. As well as Alex, Chuck, and Morgan all standing around watching. Chuck tries to tell Sarah what's happened, but . . she can't answer her phone. Meanwhile, it appears that Morgan and Alex's relationship is progressing. At one point Chuck sees her coming out of Morgan's room wearing one of his vintage tee-shirts. Something that he won't even let people touch . . let alone wear. And there's a little brew-ha-ha about Elle and Awesome's baby. Elle's frustrated because Awesome doesn't seem to be participating in the planning process as much as she'd like. So she tells Chuck that without his help, she's decided to name the baby Grunka. Of course it's all a ploy to get Awesome to freak out and contribute some kind of idea. When he does, they decided on the name Clara. Anyways, Mike, Jeff and Lester are all involved in this part of the story, and it provides some of the comic relief. This was another interesting episode. I'm glad that they got off of the proposal thing for a little while. Who knew a soap-opera would look like this?

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