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Green Lantern Corps #51, #52, #53, #54, #55, #56 and #57 - DC

We start out this batch of issues with the Revolt of the Alpha-Lanterns storyline. In it, Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg-Superman has captured Ganthet. He looks like he's using him to torture the Alpha-Lanterns, one by one, but actually . . he's trying to get him to covert them back to their original state of being . . their human being. Or . . being human. Somehow someone has convinced him that Ganthet can change them back. And if that is so . . he would also be able to, somehow, change him back. No matter what Henshaw's done throughout the years, it seems that it always comes back to him wanting to be human again. He even orders Lantern Glibberquip to blow his head off in front of Ganthet, and Lantern Stel, to show them how serious he is. Plus I think it was a way to demonstrate to Ganthet just how complete his control is over these Alpha-Lanterns. He then has Ganthet experiment on Lantern Hraalkar . . unsuccessfully. And next is Lantern Horroq Nnot. Anyways, Kyle, John and Sora are still hiding in the bowels of the planet, so . . they work there way down to where Henshaw has sent the rest of the robot population. They try to use the planets resident's respect for Stel to rally them against Henshaw. But they are completely under Hank's command. So, with not many options being left open to them . . Kyle decides to call in Hannu . . one of the Lost Lanterns. He shows up about the same time as Boodikka. Whom Henshsaw has sent to check in on the 'servants'. Even though these two were captured together, for years, with Henshaw . . Hannu is unrelenting with Boodikka. His initial attack breaks her battery, which loosens Henshaw's control over her. And before she passes, she uses her own energy to recharge the Lantern's rings. But . . then we find out . . she doesn't pass. Somehow Sora and John save her. And while this is going on . . Ganthet actually figures out how to remove the power battery from Horroq Nnot's chest . . essentially returning her to her original form . . with a few pieces added, and exchanged . . of course. And that's when John and Kyle's plan to attack, with the support of all of Grenda's robot population, occurs. In the battle Hank's body is destroyed. His essence tries to take residence in the newly revitalized Boodikka. But her willpower is just to strong for him, and she ends up destroying him. Well . . at least as far as we know. For now. When they all go back to OA, Ganthet uses what he's learned to give the rest of the Alpha-Lanterns . . if nothing else, at least the return of their human emotions. Physically they're still Alpha-Lanterns, but . . at least now their decision making process will be a little clearer. They're no longer more machine than man. And for their sacrifice in battle, the Guardians grant Ganthet, Boodikka, John, Kyle, Sora, Hannu and Stel Honor Guard status. Basically allowing them to operate in any sector they choose. The Guardians want them to be an inspiration to the rest of the Corps. Meanwhile, back on Qward, the Weaponer has come across a net of some sort that's been left behind. It's made out of the energy of the White Lantern. So he's decided to try to use it to make a weapon to fight Sinestro. And in issue #53 his plan finally comes together, and . . he strikes. But not in the way you'd expect. He goes to Korugar and starts some trouble to attract Sora's attention . . Sinestro's daughter. But she's not there right now . . Kyle is instead. Somehow the Weaponer has configured the net from the White Lantern into his shield, and now at his request it creates the perfect weapon that he needs for any situation. Kyle calls out for her, and when Sora finally does show up . . the Weaponer makes short work of both of them and then captures her and takes her back to Qward. He tells Kyle to warn Sinestro that he has his daughter, because he wants to kill him. The reason he hasn't drawn him directly into battle is because . . for what he's done to him, Qward, and the entire anti-matter universe . . the Weaponer wants him to die on Qward. Kyle goes back to Earth to warn him, but . . Sinestro doesn't seem very eager to help, or to try to save his daughter. Which brings Kyle and Sinestro to odds. Kyle just wants Thaal to come back with him to Qward and help him save his daughter . . Kyle's girlfriend. But for some reason . . Sinestro wants nothing to do with this mission. We also find out that the truce between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps is not violated so long as they don't use their rings. So instead, Kyle returns to OA and enlists the aid of his fellow honor guards. In the meantime, back on Qward, the Weaponer tells his story to Sora. We find out how, and why, the Weaponers decided to make the yellow rings in the first place, and then what Sinestro . . and later his Sinestro Corps, did to enslave and disparage the entire Qwardian race. It actually all revolves around the being that they looked to as their god . . the Anti-Monitor. Anyways, Kyle and the rest of the Honor Guard show up on Qward. With every intention of rescuing Sora, but . . they aren't prepared to deal with the Weaponer's new weapon . . the net made of White Light. Therefore, he makes pretty short work of all of them. Well . . all except Kyle. He's managed to stay out of the battle in lieu of searching for Sora. By the time he does find her . . and they abscond with some of the Weaponer's own weapons to fight him with . . their fellow Lanterns have all been subdued. However, the Weaponer's own fellow Qwardians consider him an outcast. Since he's the one that forged the original ring for Sinestro, the entire planet blames him for everything bad that's happened to them. And honestly . . they've been through a lot. But the point is . . they don't really care if the Green Lanterns kill him or not. However, I'm sure they're more than a little dismayed when next . . the entire Sinestro Corps shows up at their doorstep. Well . . everyone except for Sinestro, that is. However, it isn't long before he joins the fray as well. As he explains it to the Weaponer . . 'I sent my troops ahead, as any wise General would. I arrive on my terms . . not yours.' And we learn that Kyle and Thaal's little tussle back on Earth was kind of a prelude to what happens here. Apparently the 'no rings' policy, as far as the truce between the Green Lantern Corps and the Sinestro Corps, also applies here. The Sinestro Corps want to wipe out Qward. Or at least it's population. And obviously the Green Lantern Corps can't let that happen. But . . they have to figure out how to stop them without breaking the truce. As we learned from Ganthet in issue #55, Attrocitus is on Earth trying to find out who is behind the abduction of all of the entities . . and where they're taking them. Apparently Ganthet knows that it's Scar, but . . he doesn't know where Scar is at. However, he does know that the only way they'll be able to stand up to Scar . . especially with the power of the various entities, is with Sinestro's help. But he won't do that if the truce is broken. Hannu is the first to jump in. He doesn't like to use his ring anyways. And Kyle and Sora gather up a bunch of weapons from the Weaponer's arsenal. Issue #56 ends with the Corps . . or rather the Honor Guard, standing side-by-side with the Qwardians, ready to face off against Sinestro and his Corps. In the final chapter, Firestorm is also drawn to this planet . . apparently by the use of the White Light. He's actually in search of the Black Lantern version of himself, Deathstorm. So this is kind of a cross-over with Brightest Day. And it will probably serve to explain, in that book, how Firestorm ended up being in the anti-matter universe. And more specifically on the planet Qward. Anyways, Ronnie and Jason are hell-bent on finding him because the evil guy has absorbed Professor Stein and Jason's own father into his own matrix. And since Firestorm doesn't have any kind of truce with the Sinestro Corps, he's more than willing to help out in this battle. But even with his help, things are pretty much a stalemate. However, we do get a bit of a twist at the end. Sinestro seems to have beaten the Weaponer, but instead of killing him . . he offers him a position on his Corps. The Weaponer is now a Yellow Lantern. And . . there's another question I have about the end of this story. When Sinestro and the rest of his Corps head back to Earth . . including the Weaponer . . it appears that the White Lantern net is no longer attached to his shield. So . . where is it? He may have it. It's never really explained that he doesn't. But when we see him last, it doesn't appear to still be attached to his shield. So . . where is it? Hopefully that will all be explained in the Firestorm part of this story. But, we also find out at the end, from Ganthet, that not only do they face Scar when they return to Earth, but also . . Krona. Remember when, way back when, the JLA were tricked into believing that he was still in his other dimensional prison? Firestorm appeared to be the only one that suspected things to be different. Anyways, this is all leading into the next big storyline . . War of the Green Lanterns. The first part of this group of books . . the Revolt of the Alpha-Lanterns, is brought to us by Tony Bedard, with Adrian Syaf and Vicente Cifuentes doing the art. And it really does look fantastic. The Weaponer storyline is also brought to us by Tony, but with Tyler Kirkman and Batt doing the art. It looks just as good. The thing I like about this book is the diversity of characters. There are so many great, and interesting characters here. And it appears that Tony is going to introduce us to as many of them as possible. And now that Hal and Guy each have their own books, we get to see more of Kyle, John and the rest in this one. This book is a great read . . and an action-packed thrill-ride through each of it's pages. I look forward to it every month.

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