Monday, December 27, 2010

Chuck vs the Leftovers - Season 4 - Episode 10 - NBC

In their Thanksgiving episode, we get even more revelations about Volkoff and his relationship with Chuck's mom. It appears that in the many years that she's been working for him . . deep undercover for the CIA . . he's actually developed some pretty deep feelings for her. That, apparently, is why he always seems so protective of her. We thought it was because he knew that she was a double-agent . . or maybe suspected so. But actually . . he's in love. Well . . as in love as a guy like this can get. In usual Chuck fashion, he and Elle don't really celebrate anything traditionally. Instead, they have an after Thanksgiving left-over dinner. Anyways, first Sarah and Chuck are attacked by some of Volkoff's assassins. They seem to be holding their own, but . . they're still outnumbered. Until Chuck's mom comes along and saves the day. Actually, she was ordered by Volkoff to take out Chuck, when he learned that he was still alive, so technically . . these guys are working for her. They take her into custody and try to interrogate her. During which Volkoff captures Jeff and Lester, and places a bomb inside the Buy More. He's threatening to take them all out unless Frost is returned to him. They end up in a confrontation outside of Castle, where Volkoff learns that Chuck is actually Frost's son. Which also occurs just as Elle calls to invite everyone over for dinner. So . . long story short . . Volkoff meets everybody, after which . . he still wants to kill them all. But Frost won't let him. But she also won't leave him. Sarah realizes, and tells Chuck that she's doing so to ensure that they all stay alive. Because of Awesome and Elle's involvement in all of this . . plus Awesome's revelation that Chuck is still in the spy-business . . Awesome gives Chuck his father's computer back to him. Of course he solves the riddle that Elle couldn't, and . . ta-da . . the Intersect is back in Chuck's head. All of this is interwoven with hilarious scenes of the Buy More, as well as Morgan and the rest of the 'Nerds'. I especially thought the scene with Chuck and Morgan, deciding that they need to get some training in, attend a kick/strip class. That's what I think I like so much about this show. There's the scenes of action and adventure, but then . . there's also the scenes of sheer stupidity. I love it. I think it's great. But now I have another show to watch . . the Cape.

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